110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects by Marvin Berglas PDF

By Marvin Berglas

Staple sure: forty pages writer: Marvin's Magic Language: English ASIN: B000BYJ2AY Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches

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Ask a spectator to break the match through the material but make sure it is the one hidden in the hem that he breaks. Shake out the handkerchief and the match just removed from the box falls out. Casually put the handkerchief (with the broken match concealed in the hem) back into your pocket. It appears that the match was restored by magic. Vanishing Ring Effect: You make a finger ring vanish. The elastic should be long enough to allow you to put the ring on your finger. Take the ring off and pretend to show it in the air.

Without looking you immediately pick out the drink card. You can detect it quite easily by touch. ★ ★ ★ 32 ★ Aces Discovery Effect: You hold a shuffled pack behind your back and locate the four Aces Secret: Secretly remove the Aces from the pack. Push them into a paper clip which is pinned to the inside of your coat at the rear. When you want to show the trick, hand the pack to someone to be shuffled. When the cards are returned to you, hold them behind your back and say you are about to attempt the impossible.

Colour Sense Effect: You identify the colour of a crayon handed to you behind your back. You then turn to face the audience but keep the crayon behind your back. Keep hold of the crayon behind your back as you bring your right hand up to your forehead as if concentrating. Take a quick look at your nail – you will see bits of crayon in it and will know the chosen colour. Concentrate some more and then announce the colour. Anti-Gravity Matches Effect: A box of matches is opened and the drawer held upside down.

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