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Practice creating symbols and relating them. Choose a concept that is an important aspect of your life (your art, your job, your family, your self, whatever) and try to see a way that the concept could be divided into two opposing or complimentary concepts. ) Choose two concepts that are important aspects of your life and try to combine them in one concept. ) Choose several concepts and associate each with a different color. Take those same concepts and associate each of them with an object (for example, elemental water is associated with cups).

A white, spherical "bob" on eight or so inches of thin nylon cord will do perfectly. If you wish, however, you can also use a quartz­ crystal pendulum, or any other sort that seems appropriate to you. Next, establish a yes/no signal system with yourself. Speaking aloud, ask the pen­ dulum to swing clockwise to mean yes and counterclockwise to mean no. Work with your pendulum until you feel comfortable with it. Try holding the line at different lengths. " etc. Once you are com­ fortable using the pendulum, you should get true responses without any conscious effort or influence on your part.

See (in the glossary) CENTERING; HARA POINT, KIKAI. " This separation of the sacred and the profane is essential to any orderly working, because it also separates the inner from the outer, the magical from the mundane. (This separation of states is one of the things that distin­ guishes the magician from the mental patient. ) Circles symbolize cycles, such as the progression of the seasons. The circle is the primary symbol of unity, eternity, and perfect order. In the more complex ceremonial systems, the magic circle is almost like a space­ craft or a diving bell.

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