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Express I in terms of b) Derive the canonical conjugate momenta Hamiltonian of this system in terms of c) The classical partition function is defined as and and Express the and I. PROBLEMS 24 Calculate Calculate the heat capacity for a system of N molecules. d) Assume now that the rotational motion of the molecule is described by quantum mechanics. Write the partition function in this case, taking into account the degeneracy of each state. Calculate the heat capacity of a system of N molecules in the limit of low and high temperatures and compare them to the classical result.

B) Regarding V as an external parameter, find the thermodynamic force conjugate to this parameter, exerted by the system; find the equation of state and compare it to that of a gas in a container with rigid walls. c) Find the entropy, internal energy, and total heat capacity at constant volume. 41 Ideal Gas in One-Dimensional Potential (Rutgers) a) An ideal gas of particles, each of mass at temperature is subjected to an external force whose potential energy has the form with and Find the average potential energy per particle.

Oxygen boils at a higher temperature. 61 Air Bubble Coalescence (Moscow Phys-Tech) A tightly closed jar is completely filled with water. 61b). The pressure at the top of the jar is the radius of each original bubble is and the coefficient of surface tension is Consider the process to be isothermal. Evaluate the change of pressure inside the jar upon merging of the two bubbles. 62 Soap Bubble Coalescence (Moscow Phys-Tech) Two soap bubbles and of radii and become one bubble of radius Find the surface tension coefficient for the soap solution.

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