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40 classes designed to introduce starting scholars to the fundamental styles and constructions of Classical chinese language are taken from a couple of pre-Han and Han texts chosen to offer scholars a grounding in exemplary Classical chinese language variety. extra classes use texts from later classes to assist scholars get pleasure from the alterations in written chinese language over the centuries. every one lesson comprises a textual content, a vocabulary checklist that includes discussions of that means and utilization, motives of grammar, and explications of adverse passages. the normal glossy chinese language, jap, and Korean pronunciations are indicated for every personality, making this a studying device for local audio system of these languages to boot. Appendices provide feedback for additional readings, overview universal and critical phrases, clarify the unconventional method, and supply eastern kanbun readings for all of the choices. Glossaries of all vocabulary goods and pronunciation indexes for contemporary chinese language and Korean also are incorporated.

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Radical 31 (□, "enclosure"). 58. 家 M: jiā J: ka カ, ke ケ, ie いえ K: ga 가 C: gā 1. House, household, family. * 2. School of thought. In the early period, the term 國家 as a combination word meaning "country" had not quite evolved yet. Rather,家 is contrasted with 國 to represent either the private realm (family, as opposed to country), or the noble families and clans that ruled the 國. The character itself represents a domestic animal under a roof. Radical 40 "roof”). 59 治 jih(2) M: chí (1); zhì (2) J: chi チ, ji ジ, osameru おさめる K: chi 치 C: chìh(1), 1.

M: fǎn J: han ハン, kaeru かえる K: ban 반 C: fáan 1. To revolt; to go astray; to be perverse. * 2. To return. 3. On the contrary, contrary to expectations. In all meanings, the idea of a countermotion is implied by this character. Radical 29 (又, “again”). 69. 權 M: quán J: gon ゴン, ken ケン K: gwon 권 C: kyùhn 1. To weigh, to balance [physical objects]. 2. Circumstances, contingencies, temporary situation. * 3. Influence, authority, power. Radical 75 (木, “tree”). 70. 謀 M: móu J: bō ボウ, mu ム, hakaru はかる K: mo 모 C: màuh Plans, schemes, strategy; to plot, to plan; resourceful.

3. The conjunction 而: This is an extremely vague word that usually connects two verbs. How it should be interpreted depends on the context. Some examples: 小人逆道而反德。 In this case, the two actions of the 小人 are both bad and do not seem to be contrasting or contradictory. " 聖人自禁而不禁人。 This case is open to debate, but the writer's point here seems to be that a wise person, although careful of his/her own behavior, will not try to force that behavior on others. " 君行仁義而治國。 Sometimes 而 seems to emphasize temporal sequence or the preconditions that are necessary for some second action to occur.

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