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He obviously assumes that after forty years the horrible period of the proscriptions in  was still firmly present in the collective memory of his Roman readers as a historical parallel for the events which he is going to describe. See Ehling,  for more details.   ended in the disaster at Adrianople. In poetry the fearsome goddess is portrayed as brandishing a whip (Verg. A.  quam (= Discordia) cum sanguineo sequitur Bellona flagello), or with blood on her hands (Sen. Ag. – sequitur tristis /sanguinolenta Bellona manu), or with a firebrand (Stat.

G. Rolfe and Hamilton say, cf. Barnes ) held no less important a post than that of vicarius urbis Romae, which Amm. ). Cf. for this function Sinnigen,  and Ensslin-Schneider, , – . R. Martindale in Historia  [] ) and, as Amm. , the predecessor of Ursicinus (PLRE I, Ursicinus ). It is noteworthy that there is a difference between a vicarius urbis Romae and a vicarius praefecturae urbis, who both, rather confusingly, could be called vicarius urbis (Ensslin-Schneider, , ).

Postremo, quod tamquam subterraneus serpens per humiliora reptando nondum maiores funerum excitare poterat causas See Blockley, ,  for the complete list of people who are compared to snakes in the Res Gestae. Maximinus is the only one described three times in this way, all three in the present chapter; the other two occur in §  and . ), but whereas in the latter case the snake was lurking below the hidden entrance to its hole in order to surprise passers-by with a sudden leap, Maximinus kept crawling around, because as yet opportunities to kill had failed to appear.

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