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Programming for special effects calls for numerous basic geometric operations. the obvious option to application those is usually inefficient or numerical risky. This booklet describes the simplest techniques to those effortless methods, delivering the programmer with geometric innovations in a sort that may be at once integrated into this system being written. it really is without delay acceptable to special effects, but additionally to different programming projects the place geometric operations are required

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ACCY) THEN Point J is too far from the line. ACCY) THEN X = XJ - ATEMP*CFAC Y = YJ - BTEMP *CFAC One poaaible circle ELSE ROOT = SQRT(ROOT) Two XCONST = XJ - ATEMP *CFAC circles poaaible YCONST = YJ - BTEMP*CFAC XVAR = BTEMP *ROOT YVAR = ATEMP*ROOT XI = XCONST + XVAR Yl = YCONST - YVAR X 2 = XCONST - XVAR Y 2 = YCONST + YVAR ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF 2 9 Circles of Given Radius Tangent to Two Lines As long as t h e lines a r e not parallel (when t h e r e is either no solution, or, if t h e gap b e t w e e n 38 the lines is t h e circle diameter, an infinite number of solutions) t h e n t h e r e a r e four centres for circle of given radius that m a k e it tangential to both t h e lines.

Consider two line segments KL and These MN. will normally be specified by their endpoint coordinates, though if they a r e specified by t h e parametric equations of two infinite lines along with two pairs of p a r a m e t e r values t h e problem is greatly simplified, as such parametric equations have t h e n to be g e n e r a t e d from t h e endpoint coordinates anyway. T h e end points might, for instance, be part of polygons being processed, of which t h e endpoints would be vertices. 5. Unfortunately, it is not t h e n particularly easy to decide w h e t h e r t h e intersection of t h e unbounded lines lies within t h e segments.

This was mentioned briefly above. Often, w h e n w e do this, w e expect t h e majority of t h e comparisons to yield no intersections b e t w e e n t h e s e g m e n t s ; t h e line segments may b e very distant In this case t h e first method does a g r e a t deal of unnecessary arithmetic. W e will now show how to cull most of t h e s e trivial cases by direct comparisons of t h e endpoints involving only subtractions. 7. The 51 effectiveness of tests of this sort depends on t h e orientation of t h e line segments in t h e coordinate system.

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