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By Dr Robert B. Scott

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This complete scholar guide has been designed to accompany the major textbook by way of Bernard Schutz, a primary direction commonly Relativity, and makes use of targeted options, cross-referenced to numerous introductory and extra complicated textbooks, to permit self-learners, undergraduates and postgraduates to grasp common relativity via challenge fixing. the fitting accompaniment to Schutz's textbook, this guide publications the reader step by step via over two hundred workouts, with transparent easy-to-follow derivations. It presents distinct options to just about 1/2 Schutz's routines, and contains a hundred twenty five fresh supplementary difficulties that deal with the delicate issues of every bankruptcy. It incorporates a finished index and collects worthwhile mathematical effects, corresponding to transformation matrices and Christoffel symbols for as a rule studied spacetimes, in an appendix. Supported via a web desk categorising workouts, a Maple worksheet and an teachers' guide, this article presents a useful source for all scholars and teachers utilizing Schutz's textbook.

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To be more concrete, consider pseudo-Cartesian coordinates wherein x 0 = t, x 1 = x, x 2 = y, x 3 = z. When α β we have terms like, say, ∂x 0 ∂t = 0, = 1 ∂x ∂x because t and x are independent variables. But when α = β we have terms like, say, ∂x 3 ∂z = 1. 10 (b) For any two frames, we have: ∂x β β = Λ α¯ . ∂x α¯ Schutz Eq. 22) 53 Exercises Show that (a) and the chain rule imply β α¯ Λ Λα¯μ = δ βμ . 23) This is the inverse property again. 10(a) ∂x μ ∂ β Λ α¯ x α¯ = δ βμ sub coordinate transform ∂x μ α¯ β ∂x = δ βμ transform is a constant Λ α¯ ∂x μ β Λ α¯ Λα¯μ = δ βμ .

20) 33 Exercises For example, look at the y¯ component: ¯ ¯ ¯ pF2 = Λ20 pF0 + Λ22 pF2 just the y¯ component = −vγ 5 + γ = 0. 24 Prove that conservation of four-momentum forbids a reaction in which an electron and positron annihilate and produce a single photon (γ -ray). Prove that the production of two photons is not forbidden. Solution: Particles come and go, but four-momentum is conserved. Consider the hypothetical situation where a positron and electron annihilate producing a single particle, a γ -ray.

B) Aμ¯ = Λ ν Aν . Solution: ν is the dummy index. μ¯ is the free index, so there are four equations, one for each value of μ. ¯ Here it could be written equivalently as Aα¯ = Λα¯σ Aσ . But pay attention when using this expression since now α¯ is playing the role of μ. ¯ γ (c) T αμλ Aμ Cλ = D γ α . Solution: Both λ, μ are dummy indices; α, γ free indices; 16 equations, one for each γ pair of the free indices. One could write this as: T ανσ Aν Cσ = D γ α , or you could μ change the free indices too T βνσ Aν Cσ = D μβ , but then β and μ play the roles of α and γ .

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