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By H. Jerome Keisler

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Define τ := inf {t ≥ 0 : d((X(t), α(t)), Ker(V )) ≤ } , τθ := inf {t ≥ 0 : d((X(t), α(t)), Ker(V )) ≥ θ} . 4 that Px,α {τ ∧ τθ < ∞} = Px,α {τ where τ ,θ U is the first exit time from U ,θ := {(y, j) ∈ Rr × M : ,θ , ,θ < ∞} = 1, (9) and < d((X(t), α(t)), Ker(V )) < θ} . But (8) implies that Px,α {τθ < ∞} ≤ 2ε . Note also Px,α {τ ∧ τθ < ∞} ≤ Px,α {τ < ∞} + Px,α {τθ < ∞} . Thus it follows that ε Px,α {τ < ∞} ≥ Px,α {τ ∧ τθ < ∞} − Px,α {τθ < ∞} ≥ 1 − . 2 Now let τρ := inf {t ≥ τ : d((X(t), α(t)), Ker(V )) ≥ ρ} .

24) the fractional white noise of Hurst parameter H. May 11, 2011 10:58 34 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 02-tsoi A. H. Tsoi We also have B H (t) = 1 Γ(H − 12 ) t = t 0 τ 3 ˙ |τ − s|H− 2 B(s)dsdτ −∞ B˙ H (τ )dτ 0 t = 0 ˙ )dτ IH− 12 (B)(τ ˙ = χ[0,t] , IH− 12 (B) = R ˙ )dτ. 1. xH (t) = xH , δt = B˙ H (t)(x) (25) = IH− 12 (x)(t). t Note that in the above Eq. (25) the integral 0 IH− 12 (s) is understood to be ˙ I[0,t] , which is the generalized function I 1 (B) ˙ ∈ S ∗ acting I 1 (B), H− 2 H− 2 the L( R) function I[0,t] , which is interpreted as the L2 (S ∗ , µ) limit of a ˙ ξn , where the sequence {ξn } ⊂ S(R) converging in sequence IH− 21 (B), 2 L (R) to I[0,t] .

To this end, we need the following lemma. 4. Assume that there exists a nonnegative function V : Rr × M → R+ with nonempty and bounded Ker(V ), such that for each α ∈ M, May 11, 2011 11:3 52 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 03-chao C. Zhu and G. Yin V (·, α) is twice continuously differentiable with respect to x, and that for any ε > 0 LV (x, i) ≤ −κε < 0, for any (x, i) ∈ (Rr × M) − U ε , (7) where κε is a positive constant depending on ε, Uε is a neighborhood of Ker(V ) as defined in (3), and U ε denotes the closure of Uε .

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